By Mike Leone

May 14, 2022

(Busti, NY)...
After a month off following the successful fourth annual “Battle of the Bay” Speedweek presented by 3C Graphix, the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Dirt Late Model Series presented by Born2Run Lubricants headed north to Stateline Speedway for the only appearance of the year by the Flynn’s Tire Touring Series.  Despite a high likelihood of thunderstorms throughout the day, the Busti, New York facility stayed dry until right before the feature when rain moved in.  After the rain subsided, the track crew quickly went to work on the 1/3-mile and had the track ready to go faster than anyone expected.  It was the second time in the last three “Bill Law Memorial” events that rain hit during the feature event.     


After waiting out an hour and a half rain delay, Joe Martin powered to victory in the fifth annual “Bill Law Memorial” by driving a masterful race through lapped traffic and fending off track standout Jason Genco and National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame great Chub Frank on a fast and racey track in the 30-lap caution-free event.  Martin’s first Flynn’s Tire Tour win of the season was his first ever at Stateline and was worth $3,000.  The non-stop time of the event was 8:51.463.


“I was back there eating hot dogs and we never thought we were going to race,” revealed the 37-year-old Punxsutawney, Pa. racer.  “I could not believe when I walked back up to the track how they had it prepped.  At that point, I knew it wasn’t going to be far from being ready so we were back there scrambling.  I’d say we made the right changes and the driver showed up tonight.  Surprisingly the track didn’t turn out that much different from earlier on.  If you get any rain on most tracks like a Lernerville it would have been hooked up and hammer down; it was but it was still ‘Stateline hammer down’ and kind of slow.  I do like Stateline, but this isn’t my bread and butter.”      


Martin earned his first pole position of the year by winning the Sunoco Dash and took off in the lead, while Frank moved by Genco for second.  Fifth starting John Waters had passed Randy Hall on the opening lap for fourth then slipped past Genco for second on lap two.  Martin quickly began to stretch out his lead on lap three.  By lap seven, Martin’s lead grew to more than a half-straightaway when he caught lapped traffic.  Frank began to cut into Martin’s advantage on lap 11.  After losing two positions early on, Genco pressured Waters on lap 11 and after racing side-by-side for two laps made the pass stick for third on lap 12.


Martin opened up some ground again on Frank, while Genco was on the charge.  Genco caught Frank on lap 14 and after a good side-by-side duel on lap 17, made the pass for runner-up in turn four in lapped traffic.  Genco now had his sights set on Martin, but in the ensuing laps Martin extended his lead as he was just too good running a perfect race through lapped traffic.   


Martin was never challenged over the final 10 laps and took the checkered flag first by a margin of 2.576 seconds as his third career Flynn’s Tire Tour win came in the Tom Snyder, Jr.-owned, T&D Performance/Tuff Nuts/Weather Capital Sales/Kevin Martin Trucking/Berkshire Hathaway/Daugherty Motorsports/Accelo Racegear-sponsored #10s.


Genco, who finished second in last year’s “Bill Law Memorial”, crossed the line once again in the runner-up spot for a $1,500 payday.  “I hurt myself early when I overran turn one and got shuffled out in turn three and had to claw my way back,” explained the 38-year-old Frewsburg, New York racer.  “Joe (Martin) had a little better car than I did and sometimes that’s how the ball rolls.  I like it when it’s drier and slicker like it was earlier in the night.  The rain moistened it up a little bit which isn’t really my thing, but the car was good and I was able to race like I wanted.  The lapped cars helped me and hurt me.  I saw it all unfold in front of me and I thought I could get my nose in there, but Joe is a pretty smooth operator.  He deserved that win.”


Frank was third.  After challenging for second early on, Waters came home fourth to earn the Ontime Body & Graphic spoiler kit.  Veteran racer Randy Hall made his 2022 RUSH debut and crossed the finish in fifth driving Donald Krug’s #87.  Jeremy Wonderling’s bid for his fourth “Bill Law Memorial” victory in five tries was unsuccessful as the three-time RUSH Tour Champion finished in sixth. 


Josh Ferry advanced three positions from his 10th starting spot to finish seventh.  Stateline regular, David Parker, was eighth.  Breyton Santee, who is in his first year on the Flynn’s Tour, recorded his second straight top 10 in ninth after starting 13th.  Tour points leader, Logan Roberson, was 10th in his first ever Stateline visit.  Ironically it was the same finishing position that fellow Virginia racer, Kyle Hardy, accomplished last year as Hardy went on to win the title. 


Veteran racer Scott Gurdak went 23rd to 14th to earn the $50 Precise Racing Products “Pedal Down” Hard Charger gift card.  Dennis Lunger, Jr. was unable to start the feature after the rain delay and was chosen as the TBM Brakes “Tough Brake of the Night” recipient.  Chad Clement was the first non-qualifier and received a $100 Performance Bodies gift card for the “Nosed Out” contingency. 


Making his first ever RUSH start, Colbey Richman led all six laps of the Non-Qualifier.  The Gillette, Wyoming native drove a Boom Briggs #99B entry to the $200 victory as he became the amazing 54th different winner in 66 “Wheelman” Bonus Event races run all-time.  Hunter Proctor passed Buddy Westfall on lap two to finish second.  Westfall was third in his first ever RUSH Late Model start.


John Waters shattered his own previous one-lap Stateline track record of 17.376 from five years ago with a lap of 16.716 to earn the $100 FK Rod Ends “Shock the Clock” award.  Picking up $25 FK Rod Ends heat race victories were Waters, Wonderling, Hall, and Genco.  The two last chance B mains were won by William Pinckney and Jim Rasey.  Martin received a $100 Sunoco gift card for winning the Sunoco Dash.  Tour regulars Wonderling and Santee were the lucky recipients of the $100 Sunoco gift card drawings, while the four $50 Sunoco gift cards were won by Parker, Craig Graham, Rasey, and Raymond Houser.


The Flynn’s Tire Touring Series will be right back in action on Sunday night (May 15) for the first of two appearances at Eriez Speedway located outside of Erie, Pa. with another $3,000 to-win Marquee event. Race time is 6:30 p.m.


Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Late Model Flynn’s Tire Touring Series Race #4 (30 laps, $3,000 to-win): 1. JOE MARTIN (Snyder 10s)  2. Jason Genco (Craig/Badgley 29J)  3. Chub Frank (1*)  4. John Waters (LeBarron 11)  5. Randy Hall (Krug 87)  6. Jeremy Wonderling (3J)  7. Josh Ferry (33)  8. David Parker (2)  9. Breyton Santee (9s)  10. Logan Roberson (17)  11. Brady Wonderling (z1)  12. Andy Michael (17x)  13. Matt Latta (21)  14. Scott Gurdak (Hollabaugh 5G)  15. Matt Sipes (25)  16. Khole Wanzer (01W)  17. Ashton Briggs (11A)  18. Brandt Graham (14)  19. Jonathan Stockdale (31)  20. Jim Rasey (Wrightsman 21J)  21. William Pinckney (Cole 49)  22. Brian Larson (Lindenberg 2B)  23. Ward Schell (61s)  24. Dennis Lunger, Jr. (71L).


Non-Qualifier (6 laps, $200 to-win): 1. Colbey Richman (Briggs 99B)  2. Hunter Proctor (432)  3. Buddy Westfall (31W). DNS: Chad Clement (45), Draven Kuzminski (Schell 22D), Raymond Houser (360), Craig Graham (98), Darrin Waldron (97), Scott Dellahoy, Jr. (27), Steve Houser (33z).


Car Count: 34

Feature Margin of Victory: 2.576 seconds

Time of Race: 8:51.463
Feature Lap Leaders:
Joe Martin (1-30)

Ontime Body & Graphic “Spoiler Alert” Spoiler Kit: John Waters

Performance Bodies “Nosed Out”: Chad Clement

Precise Racing Products “Pedal Down” Hard Charger: Scott Gurdak (+9)

Precise Racing Products 5-Gallon Race Jug: Joe Martin

Sunoco Fuel Card Winners: Jeremy Wonderling ($100), Breyton Santee ($100), David Parker ($50), Craig Graham ($50), Jim Rasey ($50), Raymond Houser ($50)

TBM Brakes “Tough Brake of the Night”: Dennis Lunger, Jr.


FK Rod Ends “Shock the Clock” Qualifying ($100 for fast time) (Old Track Record: 17.376 by John Waters 5/20/17): 1. 11L-John Waters, 00:16.717[12] NTR; 2. 71L-Dennis Lunger Jr, 00:17.031[3]; 3. 10S-Joe Martin, 00:17.034[19]; 4. 29J-Jason Genco, 00:17.205[20]; 5. 1*-Chub Frank, 00:17.223[25]; 6. 33-Josh Ferry, 00:17.270[17]; 7. 87K-Randy Hall, 00:17.312[23]; 8. 2-David Parker, 00:17.341[1]; 9. 9S-Breyton Santee, 00:17.355[29]; 10. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling, 00:17.374[6]; 11. 17R-Logan Roberson, 00:17.510[13]; 12. 31-Jonathan Stockdale, 00:17.525[26]; 13. 11A-Ashton Briggs, 00:17.542[10]; 14. 61S-Ward Schell, 00:17.543[30]; 15. Z1-Brady Wonderling, 00:17.589[8]; 16. 14-Brandt Graham, 00:17.613[27]; 17. 21L-Matt Latta, 00:17.702[22]; 18. 21J-Jim Rasey, 00:17.710[28]; 19. 17X-Andy Michael, 00:17.737[14]; 20. 01W-Khole Wanzer, 00:17.739[5]; 21. 49C-William Pinckney, 00:17.788[31]; 22. 25-Matt Sipes, 00:17.807[9]; 23. 5G-Scott Gurdak, 00:17.818[18]; 24. 2B-Brian Larson, 00:17.916[11]; 25. 98-Craig Graham, 00:17.925[7]; 26. 99B-Colbey Richman, 00:18.113[24]; 27. 22D-Draven Kuzminski, 00:18.379[15]; 28. 360-Raymond Houser, 00:18.528[32]; 29. 45C-Chad Clement, 00:18.813[16]; 30. 97-Darrin Waldron, 00:18.878[21]; 31. 432-Hunter Proctor, 00:19.120[4]; 32. 31W-Buddy Westfall, 00:20.210[2]; 33. 27-Scott Dellahoy Jr, NT 34. 33Z-Steve Houser NT.


FK Rod Ends Heat 1 (8 laps, Top 3 transfer to A, $25 to-win): 1. 11L-John Waters[1]; 2. 1*-Chub Frank[2]; 3. 11A-Ashton Briggs[4]; 4. 9S-Breyton Santee[3]; 5. 21L-Matt Latta[5]; 6. 49C-William Pinckney[6]; 7. 98-Craig Graham[7]; 8. 45C-Chad Clement[8]; 9. (DQ) 27-Scott Dellahoy Jr[9].


FK Rod Ends Heat 2 (8 laps, Top 3 transfer to A, $25 to-win): 1. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling[3]; 2. 71L-Dennis Lunger Jr[1]; 3. 33-Josh Ferry[2]; 4. 61S-Ward Schell[4]; 5. 25-Matt Sipes[6]; 6. 21J-Jim Rasey[5]; 7. 97-Darrin Waldron[8]; 8. 99B-Colbey Richman[7]; 9. (DQ) 33Z-Steve Houser[9].


FK Rod Ends Heat 3 (8 laps, Top 3 transfer to A, $25 to-win): 1. 87K-Randy Hall[2]; 2. 10S-Joe Martin[1]; 3. Z1-Brady Wonderling[4]; 4. 17R-Logan Roberson[3]; 5. 17X-Andy Michael[5]; 6. 5G-Scott Gurdak[6]; 7. 22D-Draven Kuzminski[7]; 8. 432-Hunter Proctor[8].


FK Rod Ends Heat 4 (8 laps, Top 3 transfer to A, $25 to-win): 1. 29J-Jason Genco[1]; 2. 2-David Parker[2]; 3. 14-Brandt Graham[4]; 4. 01W-Khole Wanzer[5]; 5. 31-Jonathan Stockdale[3]; 6. 2B-Brian Larson[6]; 7. 360-Raymond Houser[7]; 8. 31W-Buddy Westfall[8].


Last Chance B Main 1 (8 laps, Top 2 transfer to A): 1. 49C-William Pinckney[1]; 2. 5G-Scott Gurdak[2]; 3. 45C-Chad Clement[5]; 4. 98-Craig Graham[3]; 5. 22D-Draven Kuzminski[4]; 6. 432-Hunter Proctor[6]; 7. (DQ) 27-Scott Dellahoy Jr[7].


Last Chance B Main 2 (8 laps, Top 2 transfer to A): 1. 21J-Jim Rasey[1]; 2. 2B-Brian Larson[2]; 3. 99B-Colbey Richman[5]; 4. 360-Raymond Houser[4]; 5. 97-Darrin Waldron[3]; 6. 31W-Buddy Westfall[6]; 7. (DNS) 33Z-Steve Houser.


Sunoco Dash (6 laps, $100 Sunoco fuel card to-win): 1. 10S-Joe Martin[1]; 2. 29J-Jason Genco[2]; 3. 1*-Chub Frank[6]; 4. 87K-Randy Hall[4]; 5. 11L-John Waters[5]; 6. 2-David Parker[3]; 7. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling[7]; 8. 71L-Dennis Lunger Jr[8].


The RUSH Racing Series is brought to you by Hovis Auto & Truck Supply together with Born2Run Lubricants along with the support of Hoosier Tire, Bilstein Shocks, Sunoco Race Fuels, Bazell Race Fuels, Insinger Performance, MSD Performance, Holley Performance Products, FK Rod Ends, Schoenfeld Headers, Jones Racing Products, TBM Brakes, Performance Bodies & Parts, Racing Electronics, Wrisco Industries, Frankland Racing Supply, Landrum Performance Spring, Ontime Body & Graphic, Sherwood Wheels, Alternative Power Sources, Precise Racing Products, Lincoln Electric, Velocita-USA, Waterstone Mortgage Hermitage, Wedge Motorsports, 3C Graphix, D&V Jewelers, DrumPreserve,, Terry Bowser Excavating, and Stop-Fyre.


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