By Mike Leone


July 2, 2021               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


(Strongstown, PA)...The Pace Performance RUSH Racing Series together with Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC took part in a doubleheader of action on Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway.  After a sunny start, several rounds of rain that washed out every other track in the region hit the 4/10-mile western Pa. facility.  The new promotional team of Kyle Smith, Sr. and Mark McClellan didn’t throw in the towel, and Dog Hollow owner/former operator Jim Michny got the track back into excellent shape after a three-hour delay.  The event marked the first ever appearance by both the Flynn’s Tire/Born2Run Lubricants RUSH Late Model Touring Series and the RUSH Sprint Cars, who competed in an Equipment Rental Options Weekly Series event.


Kyle Hardy continues to make a mark in the Pace Performance RUSH Late Model world.  The Mid-Atlantic Late Model standout added to his winning ways on Friday night by passing defending and three-time Flynn’s Tire/Born2Run Lubricants Touring Series Champion Jeremy Wonderling on lap 11 and raced on to his Series leading fifth victory in eight events.  The $3,000 win in the “Jim Burns Tribute – David & James Burns Memorial” also kept Hardy atop both the $12,000 to-win Tour and $5,000 to-win Pace National Weekly Series standings.


“I lost sleep over last weekend,” commented the 28-year-old Linden, Virginia racer, who got passed for the win in the $10,000 “Bill Emig Memorial” last Saturday night at Lernerville Speedway.  “This will make it a lot easier.  Thanks for everyone sticking this out; of course the track for not pulling plug after they could see no rain was coming after the last one.  Hats off to them, the Series, and everyone with me.  I can’t believe we’re able to win another one- it’s a great group of guys we’re racing with.  We built this car and using everything we’ve learned throughout the year.  None of this is possible without my parents; they’ve been doing this racing stuff for like 35 years.  I wouldn’t know anything about it so I’m thankfully to have the opportunity.”


Wonderling was looking for a clean sweep of the night after setting fast time in FK Rod Ends qualifying, winning his FK Rod Ends heat race, and the Sunoco Dash.  Wonderling looked strong early on as he raced to the lead in the 30-lap feature with Hardy in tow.  Joe Martin and John Waters swapped third and fourth in the early laps with Waters taking control on lap two.  Wonderling had opened up some ground before Hardy began to reel him in on lap five.  By lap six, Wonderling and Hardy distanced themselves from the field.  Traffic came into play on lap seven, which allowed Hardy to pull even over the next two laps, but Wonderling was able to hold on for the time being.


The event’s first caution was display with 10 laps completed when Delaware invader Travis Justice slowed on the backstretch and Rudy Bassaro made contact.  Wonderling chose the inside on the double file restart and that would be the final time Wonderling would control the event as Hardy ripped the cushion off turn two to power into the lead, while Martin and sixth starting Chub Frank moved past Waters for third and fourth respectively. 


By the halfway point, Hardy began to open up a comfortable lead and with 10 laps to go caught traffic; however a caution for Bud Watson slowed action with 22 laps scored.  When racing resumed, Hardy caught the cushion wrong in turn two as Wonderling temporarily regained the lead down the backstretch; however, a spin by Michael Duritsky, Jr. was a huge break for Hardy, who regained the lead for the final restart.


Back under green for the final eight laps, Frank got an excellent restart as he passed both Martin and Wonderling for the second spot.  Frank though was unable to make a challenge on Hardy, who took his American Paint Co./AGX/Anthony's Pizza/Ingram Engines/Cline Construction/Sommey Lacey Paint-sponsored #99 to his 10th overall RUSH-sanctioned victory in 2021 by 3.126 seconds.


Frank’s runner-up was his second podium in three Tour starts this season and was worth $1,500.  “You have to have your car really good on restarts in these things as it can be tough to pass one-on-one,” explained the 58-year-old Bear Lake, Pa. great.  “I was watching them; Hardy and Wonderling were having a heck of a race going on.  I just couldn’t make any speed up.  If I moved around I lost ground.  The yellows definitely helped us.  We’ve been working on the cars.  This is something relatively new for us.  It’s not bad, but we need to keep working on it.  Kyle’s car is really good- there’s no doubt.  I’ve been racing with him for the last month and he definitely has a fast race car.”


Wonderling’s third gave him his fourth podium finish in the last four races.  “It was a good run,” acknowledged the 41-year-old Wellsville, New York racer.  “To race with these guys and be as good as we were means something; I’m pretty proud.  The first restart when Hardy got me he blasted the cushion pretty hard and had a run on me.  Then the other restart I had him and the caution came out.  The last restart I had a push in the middle and Chub got by me, but they both were really good.” 


Fresh off a season best Tour finish of third last Saturday at Lernerville, Martin’s fourth place effort was his fifth top five in the last six races!  Max Blair, who won the $2,500 Super Late Model race at Dog Hollow, was fifth for his fourth top five in five Tour starts this season.  Waters faded to sixth at the finish.  New York’s J.J. Mazur had a strong run in sixth for his best Tour effort of the season as he moved into the top five in points. 


Fourteenth starting Justin Kann was eighth and picked up three contingencies; he was the $100 Precise Racing Products “Pedal Down” Hard Charger, won the $150 spoiler kit from Ontime Body & Graphic, and was the lucky recipient of the $100 Sunoco gift card presented by Sunoco and Zarin Truck & Auto.  In just his second Tour start and ninth Late Model race ever, Zach Morrow went 13th to ninth and picked up a $100 bonus from Mike’s Auto Repair & Sales.  Maryland racer Levi Crowl completed the top 10.  Dan Angelicchio struggled with mechanical gremlins all night and was chosen as the TBM Brakes “Tough Brake of the Night” recipient in his first RUSH start of 2021.


Wonderling established a new track record in FK Rods Ends “Shock the Clock” Qualifying with a lap of 17.662 to earn $100 then won the first FK Rod Ends Heat Race for another $25.  Other $25 FK Rod Ends Heat Race winners were Hardy and Martin.  Wonderling also received a $100 Sunoco gift card for his season leading third Sunoco Dash victory.


The Flynn’s Tire/Born2Run Lubricants Touring Series will be right back in action on Saturday night (July 3) at Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway in Imperial for the $2,000 to-win “Herb Scott Memorial”.  It’s the first of four appearances at the “Monster Half-Mile” in 2021.


Gale Ruth, Jr. will go down in history as the first ever winner of the Pace Performance RUSH Sprint Cars at Dog Hollow.  Ruth flew from the sixth starting spot into the lead on the opening lap and never looked back in the 20-lap caution-free event timed in 6:012.56.


“It means so much,” acknowledged the 43-year-old Pleasantville, Pa. racer.  “I have to give the glory to the Lord.  He put me with such a great team with Rich McConnell and his wife.  I couldn’t ask for anymore.  Without the Lord none of this would be possible and I wouldn’t be here.  This car just goes wherever it wants.  Rich spends a lot of time on this car in the garage and makes it go around the track.  I have to thank all of the sponsors on the car.  My dad, girlfriend, and brothers are all here tonight and can’t thank everyone enough.”


After racing to the lead, Ruth was never challenged during the feature in the Rich McConnell-owned, Rustler Sales & Service/Economy Landscaping/Boice's Auto Sales/Fat Chad's Taproom & Steakhouse-sponsored #24 taking the win by a margin of 0.945 seconds.  The $600 victory was Ruth’s Series leading fourth of the 2021 season coming at four different speedways; Tyler County, Tri-City, Bradford, and Dog Hollow!


Kevin Ruhlman started from the pole and dropped back to fourth before making a charge.  Kevin passed Arnie Kent for third on lap eight then tracked down his father Chad on lap 13 before finally getting by on lap 17.  Kevin Ruhlman cut into Ruth’s lead over the final three laps, but ran out of time to mount a challenge and settled for second.  Chad Ruhlman was third over Kent and 17-year-old Blaze Myers, who continues to have consistent top five finishes in search of his first Sprint Car win.  Ohio racers Tyler Newhart and Andy Feil finished sixth and seventh respectively.  Rod George, who won the first ever “410” Sprint Car race at Dog Hollow 10 years ago, dropped to eighth over Brian Hartzell and Nolan Groves.  Ruth and George won the heat races. 


Pace Performance RUSH Late Model Flynn’s Tire/Born2Run Lubricants Touring Series “Jim Burns Tribute” Race #8 (30 laps, $3,000 to-win): 1. KYLE HARDY (99)  2. Chub Frank (1*)  3. Jeremy Wonderling (3J)  4. Joe Martin (Snyder 10s)  5. Max Blair (111)  6. John Waters (Bentz 60)  7. J.J. Mazur (13)  8. Justin Kann (66)  9. Zach Morrow (Flinner 48)  10. Levi Crowl (5)  11. Matt Latta (21)  12. Michael Duritsky, Jr. (90J)  13. Kurt Stebbins (26)  14. Greg Carrico (67)  15. Ryan Frazee (11F)  16. Joe Moyer (32)  17. Colby Beighey (36B)  18. Bud Watson (225)  19. Travis Justice (23)  20. Colin Cassale (24)  21. Kyle Smith, Jr. (52)  22. Rudy Bassaro (MR7)  23. Steve Scaife, Jr. (7s)  24. Dan Angelicchio (14).


Car Count: 24

Feature Margin of Victory: 3.126 seconds
Feature Lap Leaders: 
Jeremy Wonderling (1-10), Kyle Hardy (11-30)

Mike’s Auto Repair & Sales $100 9th Place Bonus: Zach Morrow

Ontime Body & Graphic “Spoiler Alert” Spoiler Kit: Justin Kann

Precise Racing Products “Pedal Down” Hard Charger: Justin Kann (+6)

Precise Racing Products 5-Gallon Race Jug: Kyle Hardy

Sunoco and Zarin Truck & Auto $100 Sunoco Fuel Cards: Justin Kann & Jeremy Wonderling

TBM Brakes “Tough Brake of the Night”: Dan Angelicchio


FK Rod Ends “Shock the Clock” Qualifying ($100 for fast time): 1. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling, 00:17.662[24] (NTR); 2. 99-Kyle Hardy, 00:17.741[14]; 3. 1*-Chub Frank, 00:17.784[4]; 4. 111-Max Blair, 00:17.838[8]; 5. 66-Justin Kann, 00:17.854[16]; 6. 10S-Joe Martin, 00:17.877[2]; 7. 90J-Michael Duritsky Jr, 00:17.896[17]; 8. 5C-Levi Crowl, 00:18.035[21]; 9. 11F-Ryan Frazee, 00:18.098[13]; 10. 48F-Zach Morrow, 00:18.112[9]; 11. 24X-Colin Casale, 00:18.229[6]; 12. 26-Kurt Stebbins, 00:18.232[10]; 13. 225-Bud Watson, 00:18.371[19]; 14. 60-John Waters, 00:18.419[3]; 15. 7S-Steve Scaife Jr, 00:18.421[20]; 16. 32M-Joe Moyer, 00:18.436[12]; 17. 14A-Dan Angelicchio, 00:18.450[23]; 18. 36B-Colby Beighey, 00:18.506[5]; 19. 67-Gregory Carrico, 00:18.725[1]; 20. 52-Kyle Smith Jr, 00:18.944[15]; 21. 21L-Matt Latta, 00:19.151[18]; 22. 23J-Travis Justice, 00:19.570[22]; 23. 13-JJ Mazur, 00:19.679[11]; 24. MR7-Rudy Bassaro, 00:20.037[7].


FK Rod Ends Heat 1 (8 laps, $25 to-win): 1. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling[1]; 2. 111-Max Blair[2]; 3. 90J-Michael Duritsky Jr[3]; 4. 32M-Joe Moyer[6]; 5. 48F-Zach Morrow[4]; 6. 225-Bud Watson[5]; 7. 67-Gregory Carrico[7]; 8. 23J-Travis Justice[8].


FK Rod Ends Heat 2 (8 laps, $25 to-win): 1. 99-Kyle Hardy[1]; 2. 60-John Waters[5]; 3. 13-JJ Mazur[8]; 4. 5C-Levi Crowl[3]; 5. 66-Justin Kann[2]; 6. 14A-Dan Angelicchio[6]; 7. 24X-Colin Casale[4]; 8. 52-Kyle Smith Jr[7].


FK Rod Ends Heat 3 (8 laps, $25 to-win): 1. 10S-Joe Martin[2]; 2. 1*-Chub Frank[1]; 3. 26-Kurt Stebbins[4]; 4. 11F-Ryan Frazee[3]; 5. 21L-Matt Latta[7]; 6. 36B-Colby Beighey[6]; 7. MR7-Rudy Bassaro[8]; 8. 7S-Steve Scaife Jr[5].


Sunoco Dash (6 Laps, $100 Sunoco gift card): 1. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling[1]; 2. 99-Kyle Hardy[4]; 3. 60-John Waters[2]; 4. 10S-Joe Martin[5]; 5. 111-Max Blair[6]; 6. 1*-Chub Frank[3].


Pace Performance RUSH Sprint Car Equipment Rental Options Weekly Series Event #10 (20 laps, $600 to-win): 1. GALE RUTH, JR. (McConnell 24)  2. Kevin Ruhlman (23)  3. Chad Ruhlman (Engles 68)  4. Arnie Kent (18)  5. Blaze Myers (43JR)  6. Tyler Newhart (57N)  7. Andy Feil (Mahoney/Eckart 9J)  8. Rod George (Hull 41)  9. Brian Hartzell (69)  10. Nolan Groves (25)  11. A.J. MacQuarrie (Hartzell 69x)  12. Amelia Clay (16c).


RUSH Racing Series is brought to you by Pace Performance together with Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC along with the support of Hoosier Tire, Bilstein Shocks, Sunoco Race Fuels, Bazell Race Fuels, Insinger Performance, MSD Performance, Holley Performance Products, Hovis Auto & Truck Supply, Born2Run Lubricants, Flynn's Tire & Auto Service, FK Rod Ends, Schoenfeld Headers, Jones Racing Products, TBM Brakes, Performance Bodies & Parts, Racing Electronics, Dirt Defender, Wrisco Industries, Frankland Racing Supply, Landrum Performance Spring, Ontime Body & Graphic, Zarin Truck & Automotive, Sherwood Wheels, Alternative Power Sources, Precise Racing Products, Stop-Fyre, Lincoln Electric, Velocita-USA, Waterstone Mortgage Hermitage,, and Wedge Motorsports.


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