By Mike Leone


December 3, 2015               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


(Pulaski, PA)...In an effort to begin to curb the rising costs in Crate Late Model racing, the Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC RUSH Dirt Late Model Series powered by Pace Performance has announced that only Sunoco Standard Race Fuel (110 octane) and Sunoco “RUSH” Pump Gas (91 octane) will be legal for RUSH-sanctioned competition in 2016. 


Fuel was one of the topics discussed at the promoters meeting held in September.  Promoters in attendance, as well as those unable to attend that were personally contacted after the meeting, were unanimous in the mindset that the elimination of oxygenated fuels is in the best interest of the future of Crate Late Model racing throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  The new rule will ban all oxygenated fuels as well as E85 from competition and require the well-known Sunoco Standard 110 Racing Fuel as the RUSH spec fuel along with Sunoco RUSH Pump Gas to accommodate competitors that prefer that option.  Both will be readily available throughout the entire network of RUSH-sanctioned speedways and specified Sunoco Race Fuels dealers.     


Throughout the past several years, one of the most talked about downfalls of Crate Late Model racing has been the high cost of oxygenated fuels that had unfortunately crept into the system.  This problem drew front and center this summer when some were being sold at the cost of $752-$800 per drum, or over $15 per gallon in many cases; a situation that in the end was the catalyst that prompted Series officials to immediately address the situation once and for all.


“I believe we now have the best opportunity we have ever had in pulling back and correcting some of the serious cost issues that we are facing and will in the end determine the future of Crate Late Model racing throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic,” stated Series Director Vicki Emig. “Overall the majority of RUSH-sanctioned speedways are privately owned, these promoters all have a long-term vested interest in the health and well-being of this class, and the overall consensus was to immediately begin making steps to eliminate the oxygenated fuels.  This decision alone will save our racers tens of thousands of dollars overall throughout our region in just one season.  We can keep talking about it or we can fix it.  I have the upmost confidence in Sunoco Race Fuels and the knowledge and assistance they will bring to the table in helping us and our sanctioned speedways properly tech and control this program.”


Sunoco Standard is one of the most popular race fuels in the market.  Because it is such a common fuel there will be no “gouging” or manipulating the price of the fuel to take advantage of the racers.  It helps level the playing field because it’s a basic fuel sold at a reasonable price; the less well-funded teams can now afford to run a fuel that will compete with the entire field, and as with the Crate Racin USA RUSH spec tire, there will be no deals on the RUSH spec fuels.  The average cost of $7.50-$8 per gallon is less than half the cost of some of the exotic fuels being used by some teams.  There are no exotic components in the fuel, which make up many of the more costly “boutique” fuels.  The RUSH pump gas, sold at $3.50 during 2016, is comparable to a 91 octane ethanol free fuel, but will be made specific for the ease of inspection by both RUSH and track officials, pricing will be set and reviewed on a specified date each year giving racers advance notice on pricing and determining their budget.  


The Sunoco “RUSH” Pump Gas will only be available for teams in 55-gallon drums, which is another step to maintain the integrity of the specified fuel process. Both fuels will be easily inspected and contain specific markers that cannot be duplicated which Sunoco can test for, however, blending of the fuels with each other or any other product will not be permitted, to maintain the integrity of the inspection process and determination of each fuel when inspected. Sunoco will provide field testing kits for RUSH and each of its sanctioned speedways.  Both fuels are very simple and straight forward and are easily tuned to the engines.  A two completed event burn-off period of other previously permitted fuels will be permitted at each weekly-sanctioned speedway.  


“We have worked very hard over the last several months to come up with a solution that is correct for the overall well-being of our Series, speedways and racers” continued Emig.  “The elimination of the more popular, but drastically more expensive oxygenated fuels alone is a huge step in the right direction in controlling fuel cost for our racers.  Although the RUSH pump gas option is a bit more expensive at approximately $3.50 for the smaller percentage of racers who still choose the pump gas option and purchase it at their local gas stations, this fuel also offer a very stable techable product to them. Overall I think we have come up with a great solution to one of the most problematic situations that Crate Late Model racing faces today.”


The $3.50 per gallon RUSH Pump Gas will be the only permitted fuel in the Sweeney RUSH Sportsman Modified Series for 2016.


Sunoco is not only the largest manufacturer of racing gasoline in the world but they are a fortune 500 company with over 6,000 convenient stores in the U.S. and they have grown by over 10% in the past year.  They are recognized worldwide for their 50 plus years of supporting motorsports, particularly the top tier series of virtually every bracket of racing including NASCAR and The NHRA.


Racers should contact the RUSH office with any questions they may have concerning the 2016 RUSH Dirt Late Model fuel rule.      



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